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Monday, March 29, 2010

Life's Little Journeys - My Pregnancy, Week 4

Forty and pregnant - my pregnancy - week 1

The fourth installment of a week by week account of my recent pregnancy - as seen on the just released Baby A-Wake Complete Antenatal Exercise and Wellbeing DVD.Hope you enjoy following...

Week 4 - Of course I have no idea that I am pregnant. We've had a few mishaps in the past and we haven't banked on definitely being able to have another child. Let's say I am not exactly counting the days to my next period. So life as normal then...Another big weekend - Friends hen night!!! Oh God! It has to be said that my poor little baby was not only conceived under a big slosh of fizzy stuff but had to endure yet another night of alcohol. I have it on good authority that at this stage it wouldn't do baby any harm - not that I'd be drinking if I knew I was pregnant but the fact is, in this first month, most of us bloody well don't know. If we don't suspect being up the duff then we can't be expected to hide under the duvet until it's time to go pee on a stick. So my lovelies, don't go beating yourself up if you did the same as me. For the first few weeks ONLY baby will be fine. Of course, if you are doing the calendar thing and cheekily marching your partner up the stairs for an opportune moment to have a bit of baby making nooky, definitely lay off the hard stuff - it's good preparation for the months to come. Now, little egg - you are currently burrowing yourself into the lining of my uterus and working on what you do best - growing! This can cause a little bit of spotting, hence why many of us think we are having another period and therefore not pregnant...Oh My...How little do we know...!

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