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Monday, March 15, 2010

Life's Little Journeys - My Pregnancy - Week 3

Forty and pregnant - my pregnancy - week 1

The third installment of a week by week account of my recent pregnancy - as seen on the just released Baby A-Wake Complete Antenatal Exercise and Wellbeing DVD.Hope you enjoy following...

Week 3 - Close friends are getting married this weekend. It will be a swell do in the marvellous City of London. Decided to make a day and a night of it and leave beautiful boy of 4 years old with his Swedish Aupair. Start to feel guilty when other parents arrive at the chapel, little ones in tow. Few glasses of champagne settle that one, especially when said parents turn up to the reception, without wee ones. Well at least I didn't lose mine on the way. It really was a fabulous wedding and yes, yes, I was drunk. Not falling over drunk but definitely very, very tipsy. Just where would the UK population be without power cuts, cup finals and drunken party nights? - I do believe that feel good hormones play an important part in the old egg and sperm dance of conception. Don't think I'll market 'getting drunk' as a preconception training idea but I do like to think that having happy campers leads to better results. We work hard at making our garden plants happy so that they bear more fruit, so why not us? Hubby wants me to note that he had a headache. Why I don't know. (Why he wants me to note it that is, not why did he have a headache!) Is that some kind of male prowess?


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