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Monday, May 17, 2010



MUMS on the RUN part 2...If you are visiting MUMS on the RUN for the first time, then check out last weeks post below before reading this. Current team members, Welcome back...

So did you get your time slots sorted? Did you try a little walk or perhaps a wee run? Hopefully you also have got yourself kitted out with some running shoes and if you haven't, do get out to the shops in the next few days - they really are a worth while investment.

The other bit of essential kit is a v v good sports bra. I am inclined to wear THREE. As a breast feeding mumma, I wear a nursing bra, a sports bra over the top of that and then cap it with a vest with an inbuilt support. If babalicious needs a feed in a hurry it can be problematic! But at least I know my frontage is safely tucked away. Giggling boobs while you run is simply not a good look and soft breast tissue has no muscle support so you really do need to look after them. A very well known knicker store does a good line in sports bras. Alternatively you can try one of the better known sports bra brands.

Now those 3 time slots you gave yourself can shift this week. The important thing is that you still make sure that you do 3 sessions. There is no argument, no excuse, no budging on this. If you want to be a MUM on the RUN (keep thinking no more wobbly bits, no more tiredness, no more muffin tops), you have to commit to the magic No 3. The good news is it only has to be 20 minutes, for each slot. If you are already a runner or have some level of fitness you can increase this to 30 minutes. For each slot, this is what you must do...

Start by walking at a fast pace for 5 minutes - you are going to need a stop watch or a watch with a second hand. Next go into a light jog. If immediately you start jogging, you want to stop, then you know you have gone off too fast and you need to slow down. You now need to keep running for 1 minute. When you minute is up, go back to a fast pace walk - aim to keep your intensity at a level where you feel puffed but are able to continue. Walk for a total of 4 minutes and then go back into a run for 1 minute. You then need to repeat this at least 2 more times e.g.
5 minute warm up
1 minute jog
4 minute walk, fast pace
1 minute jog
4 minute walk, fast pace
1 minute jog
4 minute walk, fast pace
Now slow your walking pace down for 2 minutes and stretch...
Stretch 1 - Find a tree, fence or wall to lean up against. Place both hands on your wall/tree at chest height, arms outstretched in front. Bring your left leg forward, knee bent, foot flat on the ground and stretch your right leg out behind you, leg straight, hips pushed forward and tummy in tight. Make sure your right heel is on the ground - you are aiming to feel a stretch going down from the back of your knee into your heel. Hold for 30 seconds and change sides.
Stretch 2 - Turn sideways on from your wall/tree, left side nearest to the tree/wall. Place your hand on the tree/wall for support, bend your right knee and take a hold of your right foot in your right hand. If you can’t reach, hold onto the back of your shoe with your fingers. Bring your heel towards your bum and then push your hips forward, pulling your tummy in at the same time. Feel a stretch coming down the front of your thigh. Hold for 30 seconds and change sides….You are done!!!!

Memorise this in your head so that you are not faffing with bits of paper on your run. Practise the stretches now – GO ON! Just stand up from your computer and use your chair for support. You are now armed, ready and oh so dangerous….Go on, make em scared! And let me know how you get on. Jx

MUMS on the RUN has been created and written by Jane Wake, the UK’s leading authority in exercise for mums and mums to be. Check out her recently released ,Baby A-Wake Complete Antenatal and Postnatal Exercise and Wellbeing DVD.


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