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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life's little journeys - My Pregnancy - Week 1

Forty and pregnant - my pregnancy - week 1

The first installment of a week by week account of my recent pregnancy - as seen on the just released Baby A-Wake Complete Antenatal Exercise and Wellbeing DVD.Hope you enjoy following...

It's my birthday week and I have tried to forget the fact that I will be 40 years old in just a few days. Husband and best friend being a bit sheepish - think they may be up to something. Of course I have no idea that as I turn 40 I am also going to be heading into the first week of my pregnancy. It's a weird thing how your pregnancy starts from the last cycle of your period and not from when you actually conceive. So Hello Egg!!! Looks like you are going to be the lucky one! We have a little journey to travel on together. Think it's going to be a long one but hopefully not a bumpy ride - for some reason I am thinking about when you will be a teenager? Oh my God I'll be 53! Best to forget about that one now and concentrate on the next few weeks - we have work to do!

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